Youngblood Hawke


Youngblood Hawke
January 16, 2013 // House of Blues // Houston, TX 
Photos and Words by Heather Phillips 

Although Youngblood Hawke is a relatively new band to the Alternative rock scene, their live performance makes it seem like they have been doing this their whole life.  2012 was a big year for this band; their single “We Come Running” blew up and could be heard on many different radio stations, and they even got some TV air time by playing on late night shows such as Jay Leno and more.

Currently the band is the sole opener on Keane’s headlining tour, which is a big slot to fill, but Youngblood Hawke gives it their all and delievers an impressive set.  The show I attended was the band’s first show ever in Houston and with the reaction of the crowd you would think this was their hometown.  Singer Sam Martin, noticed the crowds enthusiasm and with a smile said “You guys sure know how to party for a Wednesday night!”  YBH played through about a 40 minute long set, offering up pretty much every song from both of their EP’s and even threw a cover in.  The band opened up with the song “Rootless” and from the moment the first note hit not only was the band off their feet and dancing but so was everyone in the crowd.  When the band started up their hit song, “We Come Running” it seemed like everyone in the crowd joined right in with them.  This song was one of my favorites from last year (I’m such a fan of dancey group vocals ), but to hear a crowd of hundreds singing this in unison is a goosebump-worthy experience.  The band closed out their set with “We Come Looking” and left the stage full of smiles from the successful night.

Youngblood Hawke is full of energy and not one of the members stand still on stage through their whole set.  I caught this band early last year at SXSW in Austin and have been in love ever since.  It makes me ecstatic to see how far they have come and even more excited to see where 2013 is going to take them.


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